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Terms and conditions

HC Reovals (HyoChang Pty Ltd ABN 64 146 595 548) is the goods and services provider. Hereafter, HC Removals, we, us and our have corresponding meanings.

Services means any services undertaken by any of HC staff and generally relates to furniture/item relocations.

Goods means any material provided/used in conjunction of removal services such as cardboard boxes and bubble wraps. Also, it has a corresponding meaning of items and furniture.

Job means removal performance that performed by our removal members.

Pick-up point means the area or place where we are contracted to perform removal and loading-up items and goods.

Destination means the area or place where goods, items or furniture are to be delivered.

You means any person(s), business entity(s) or corporate(s) that are entering to contractual relationship with us, and have a ownership of goods or have a permission for moving. The responsibility in regarding to booking and payment is bound with you.

Appointed rate means that the nominal rate that applies on hourly basis(incremental of 30mins after set minimum hours) depends on the numbers of removalists you require. It is set when you make a booking with us.

Removal services

1.1 We provide the removal services to you upon reserved booking at reserved - date - time - location(s) –item(s), and those four elements are to be scheduled prior to service commencement.

1.2 Our standard removal service does not include packing and unpacking services. If you require any of these above services, you must notify us prior to making the booking with us.

1.3 It is your sole responsibility to ensure

1. All items are boxed or packed and taped

2. To confirm any damages on furniture prior to job proceeding to one of our removal members on site.

3. To confirm any damages/loss that occur during the transport/removal to one of our removal members on site.

4. To reserve appropriate parking spot for removal trucks.

5. To ensure all items and goods are removed and delivered prior to moving on to destination and job completion.

We are not responsible for any damages/losses that are confirmed post job completion as well as fines that issued during the removal performance.

1.4 We have rights to refuse removal/relocation of any dangerous goods or items or heavy items that the weights exceed above standard limits stated on WHS.

1.5 Piano, marble dining table, office printer and other heavy goods such as machinery are subject to additional charge at our discretion.

1.6 We are not common carriers and thus have the right to refuse to accept the carriage of goods at the discretion of HC Removals such as;

  • 1. Money
  • 2. Deeds
  • 3. Securities
  • 4. Prohibited or stolen items
  • 5. Drugs
  • 6. Dangers such as damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, flammables, firearms, and ammunition;
  • 7. Plants or goods which may cause vermin or other pests infestation
  • 8. Any animals in their cages or tanks, including birds, fish or reptiles

1.7 There is no Fuel levy, Call-out fee applied to normal circumstances where jobs are expected to be completed. However, whether by your decisions or weather conditions the truck does not proceed the job on site and return to base, the Call-out fee (1hr at appointed rate) is applicable.

1.8 Travel charge incurs to jobs where 1. Distance from HYOCHANG to eitherpick-up or delivery point is farther than 30km. 2. Distance from pick-up point to delivery point is farther than 30km.


2.1 Quotation price shall remain valid for 14 days from quoted date.

  • 2.2 Quotation price may change and additional charge applies
  • 1. Actual moving items/furniture differ from contracted lists in numbers and sizes.
  • 2. The conditions of pick-up/delivery point have a type of obstacles that disrupt us to perform removal, which results in delay of time being more than expected or agreed.
  • 3. If your self-certified size of furniture or the item list found to be different from actual size and numbers.

2.3 The time being at removal performance may take more/less than expected.

2.4 If charges for tolls, parking fees or fines incur, you are responsible for the charges.

2.5 In order for quotation price to be effective, a half(50%) of total price is payable as a deposit.

2.6 Any deposit taken by us is not refundable.

Box hire

3.1 All customers are eligible to hire boxes/crates at no cost, but $10/each deposit must be taken. The deposit amount is refundable when returning all hired boxes/crates.

3.2 All boxes/crates are intended to be used for household gadgets or items only and must not be used for commercial purpose.

3.3 The maximum hire period is 2 months from date of hiring.


4.1 All price is GST exclusive

4.2 Payment is to be made on site at the end of removal job.

4.3 If customer(s) is unable to make the payment at the end of job, the invoice will be issued and the amount is payable within 14 days from date of job completion.

4.4 If customer(s) is not making or intends to not make the payment within 14 days, a reminder will be sent.

4.5 If not received within 21 days from job completion date, the amount will be transferred to associated debt collectors.


5.1 Payment is to be made prior to hire period in full

5.2 Minimum hire period is one week and counted in week, thereafter.

5.3 Hirer has right to access to his/her belongings anytime. However, they must notify HC Prior to visit.

5.4 Hire period expires on the date the contract shows.

5.5 If the item(s) are not taken after period expires, HC gives 2 notices and item(s) that are not taken 1 month after hire period expires, the ownership of item(s) will be transferred to HC and disposed or sold at auction or market.

5.6 HC is not responsible for any damages that had been taken prior to hire period.


6.1 All good stored or kept by us are subject to general lien for any amount owed by you to us. We have the right to retain the items/goods in the case where you are unable or unwilling to make the payment.

6.2 Lien is taken until full amount of payment is made to us.

6.3 If the amount remains as outstanding for 14 days from the date job completed, we give a written notice of reminder, and still unpaid amount still remains as outstanding the ownership of items will be transferred to us and it will be sold at auction or market.